Our projects

  1. “Diet” school continues its work (Irena Romanovskaya meets with new and “old” society’s members every month to answer all their questions “around” CD and coeliac’s problems. Then there is а training school in GF cooking, which Liza Belikova provides. 30-50 people attended these free lessons every month).
  2. Every week coeliacs have psychologist individual consulting (free of charge) from Coaching Institute. Coaching Institute cooperates with us after ICD 2007. (Our cooperation is their charitable project). This year they begin a new project for coeliacs - group trainings.
  3. Theatre and excursion programs continue their job (all the information about events is distributed in society’s web-page and in electronic postings) as an integral part of psychological support program.
  4. One of the most important and most called-up information medium in society is web-page (inew version is made in January 2015). Besides all necessary information about CD, GF diet and products, Russian coeliac societies, AOECS, society activity etc. it provides coeliacs with:
    on-line advisory of the best specialists in CD in Russia (CD in adults, CD in children), consultations of dietitian , psychologist, specialist in GF cooking, specialist in social and law question in CD
    all the new actual information and articles from AOECS for coelaics (translated in Russian, of course)
  5. There are 3 new projects in the web-page:


Art competition for children “GF world” – for all Russian speaking children 

“Patient history” – coeliacs write stories of their personal CD.

The aims of the project 

to show coeliacs and, first of all, new-diagnosed coeliacs several “faces” of CD,

to direct people who are not diagnosed , that , perhaps, their symptoms are CD symptoms,

to tell doctors from small Russian places and cities CD stories .

 The idea of the projects was born after many calls and e-mails from all Russian regions. Unfortunately many people suffer because of doctor’s mistakes and because of their own “barbarism” (ignorance). 

“Anti crisis news board” 

  It is a possibility for everybody to help each other in this not easy crisis time. So every member of society can publish all kinds of announcements (about free services, gratis dress, free of charge room for children meetings, free educational programs etc.)

 For today web-page www.celiac.spb.ru is really popular in Russian speaking coeliacs: as rating mail.ru shows, we have 80-110 unique visitors daily, 150 thousand visits during 9 months.