For coeliacs in Saint-Petersburg

We are 10 years old… 

Since 1998 St.-Petersburg coeliac society organized for coeliacs “Emily”

 Informational support: 

The informational work of the society was based on the work of 80 telephone informer-advisers who forwarded all the new information to the members

in 2004 electronic postings service was organized

 27 numbers of the newspaper « GF life» were issued

3 numbers of children's newspaper "GLUFF” were issued

7 numbers of magazine « GF life» were issued

2001 - the first Russian-speaking webpage about CD for coeliacs and other visitors was created

2008 – the webpage about International Coeliac Day was developed

1998, 2003, 2007 –3 international CD scientific - practical conferences (within the framework of conference « Doctors of the world - to patients»), in which more than 2 thousand people participated were carried out

1999, 2001, 2004, 2006 - international CD seminars were organized

Since 1998 - numerous presentations and interviews on SPb radio and TV were settled

Since 1998 – society organized regular presentations and lectures at medical societies meetings: gastroenterologists, dieticians, endocrinologists, etc. about CD

1999 – we participated in the All-Russia exhibition «Small business of Russia», with presentation of GF products informational stend

2003 – society took part in an exhibition «Social Petersburg »

Since 1999 – a lot of articles in popular Russian newspapers were issued

Since 1999 - the books “Coeliac disease. What is it?”, “ Reference book for coeliacs”, ”Coeliac disease: is it disease or style of life?”, “Glutenfree kitchen “ were written, issued and reissued in St Petersburg

Since 2002 there were 96 lectures in "Diet" school which more than 2 thousand people attended

2007 - The Round table: “Social responsibility of catering in Saint-Petersburg» was organized. 4 cafes and restaurants of city began using GF marks in their menus.

2003, 2005, 2007, 2008 – programs devoted to CD and coeliacs in Russia were generated and issued in popular Russian TV channels

2007, 2008 – Gluten presence/contamination analysis of “ordinary” food products in special laboratory (today more then 300 products are checked).

International Coeliac Day. Besides informational activity around ICD (including CD section in International Gastroenterological Forum) there were organized Main events in most popular public places in Russia and Saint-Petersburg: 2006 - in Konstantinovsky (President) palace, 2007 – in Beloselsky-Belozersky palace, 2008 - in “Saint Petersburg” hotel. More than 3,5 thousand people have taken part in these events. Leaders of coeliac societies from other Russian cities, people from all the Russia, doctors from St Petersburg, Moscow and other cities, St Petersburg city authorities attended ICD in Saint-Petersburg.

Short professional films about ICD 2007, 2008 are set on the first page of websites and

Social support 

1998 - opening of the first GF shop in Russia (initiative by Saint-Petersburg society) Today you can find there more than 250 positions of GF products (

Since 2000 - opening GF groups in Saint Petersburg kinder gardens

2000, 2007 - Target programs development an presentation to Saint-Petersburg Parliament

2006 - 2007 – Working group’s on CD activity in Saint-Petersburg Parliament

1998 – 2008 - development and forwarding of hundreds of petitions about CD and coeliacs problems to Saint-Petersburg and Russian official authorities

1999, 2000, 2002, 2004 – distribution of the humanitarian aid (more than 12 tons Dr. SCHAR products, were distributed)

1998-2000 – free-of-charge education of more than 100 women from society in “Woman and management” Institute in: marketing, office-job, social sciences, psychology

1999-2000 - Cooperation with children’s fund «Children's destinies»


Psychological support 

Since 1998 children of the society and their families, coeliacs from other regions of Russia have been given an opportunity to spend their vacations within frames of the “Diet” program (family rest and summer camp in sanatorium in Crimea; family rest in SPb region; tourist marches for teenagers, summer camp in Poland). In total for 11 years more than 3 thousand people have had their GF vacation.


St Petersburg been given an opportunity to have a professional help of psychologist (free of charge) from Coaching Institute. The help is available all year round, every week. Now we began psychological group training.


Since 2000 we have provided Theatre, excursions and holidays entertainment program as an integral part of psychological support program


Members of society visit Saint Petersburg theatres on weekly basis. During the 8 years of program existence more than 50 thousand free-of-charge and discount tickets to hundreds of performances in the Mariinsky, Bolshoi Puppet and Minor Opera Theatres, Circus, Philharmonic and many other theatres and concert halls of the city were distributed among our society members.

Since 2002 monthly excursions to Saint-Petersburg places of interest have been organized. In total during these years more than 2 thousand people participated in excursions.